Joel Dare

Setting up XRoar to Emulate a Color Computer 1

These are my instructions on how to setup XRoar to emulate a Tandy Color Computer 1. The CoCo was my very first computer.

Install XRoar on your machine. Follow the standard instructions to install XRoar on your computer. I’m using a Mac so these instructions are specific to the Mac but they probably apply to other systems too.

Create a ~/Library/XRoar/roms/ directory. This is the directory where your ROMs are expected on the Mac. If you’re using another system you’ll need to put these elsewhere.

Download bas14.rom into your roms directory. This is the default basic ROM. The extended basic ROM sits on top of this one.

Download extbas11.rom into your roms directory. This is the extended basic ROM which requires the basic ROM above.

Start XRoar. Now that you’ve got your ROMs in place, start XRoar and it should load them automatically and boot you into Extended Color Basic.