Joel Dare

Cricut Joy Adapter for Sharpie Extra Fine

This is the design of a small adapter that makes the Sharpie Extra Fine marker fit into the pen holder on the Cricut Joy. You can download the STL and print it with a 3D printer. The adapter was designed in OpenSCAD.

This is the first version of the adapter. The marker fits very loosly. If it fits too loose for you you can add a bit of scotch tape or electrical tape to the marker to get it to fit more firmly. I may adjust it in a future version.

Cricut and Cricut Joy are trademarks of Cricut, Inc. Sharpie is a trademark of Newell Brands. This design was not created, authorized, or endorsed by either company.

Cricut Joy Sharpie Adapter Drawing


Written by Joel Dare on June 17, 2024.