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Technical Articles

Using Neat CSS on GitHub Pages
OpenGPG Key Expire Time
Export Your Kindle Library
Custom Window Size and Position on Mac
Save Screenshots to a Specific Directory on Mac
Writing Packages in Go
Building a PHP App with Docker
Replacing a Dead Speaker Battery
Creating a Go Package
A Tour of the Telegard BBS System
SQLite WAL Mode
Private Analytics and My Raspberry Pi 400
Systemd Log Output
Caddy PHP Config
Bash Script Template
Copy a Directory Recursively Using SCP
Rounding Image Corners with ImageMagick
Combining Multiple Images into an Animated GIF with ImageMagick
Stack Images with ImageMagick
Gains I’m Seeing From My Second Brain Tool
Why I’m Using HTTP Basic Auth in 2022
How to Create an HTTPS (TLS) Server in Go
Point and Shoot Camera Comparison for Low Light Shooting
I Built my own Second Brain Software Tool
Setting up XRoar to Emulate a Color Computer 1
Website Writing Process
A Simple Go (golang) API Template
Small Go Binaries
How to Lose Money with 25 Years of Failed Businesses
How I Use Github as My Blogging Platform
52 Launches in 52 Weeks
That Time I Built a Crack for Nearly all Shareware
Creating a Drag and Drop Bookmarklet
Using Awk on CSV Files
Using Awk to Prepend or Append Data to Each Line
Using Awk or Sed on CSV or Text Files

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Taking Notes
Laser Etching
Tumbler Trick

Book’s in My Reading Collection
Why is My Interest Rate Rising?
Planting More Seedlings
Printing on Smaller Paper Sizes
I’m a Scanner
Coding in Ukraine
Filling Your Hot Tub


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